Counseling for Cancer Patients and Their Familes

Over the past several years research has shown that the way patients confront illness can make the difference between being a victim or a successful manager of the disease. More specifically, we at WCBT have found that when patients and their families learn specific coping techniques, they live happier and are better able to manage the side effects caused by treatment.

Our director, Dr. Wayne Gersh has both written and lectured on helping patients and their families learn how to cope with cancer. He has found that patients who believe that they can be active participants in their treatment are happier and feel more empowered. As he states in his book Mind Over Malignancy- Living With Cancer, "Accept the diagnosis, defy the prognosis."

If you or someone you know has cancer or another serious illness, call, email or use the contact page to reach Dr. Gersh and discuss treatment options.

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