Do You Need Us?

Therapy can and will provide you with substantial and important changes to your life.  When you understand that your negative affect is not caused by the environment but rather your perception of the environment, you obtain a level of self-control that is enriching and empowering. WCBT will provide you with both cognitive and behavioral tools that will help you manage this newly recognized environment.  By learning how to manage behavioral problems such as passivity or aggression, anger, shyness, or fears you recognize that you have much greater control over your interactions with others than you had before treatment. Another advantage to therapy is that oftentimes you will discover that the issue that brought you to treatment might be hiding or suppressing other more important concerns.  Of course all patients decide what they wish to confront, but it is important to realize that repressed issues do not just go away on their own, but will remain until confronted and treated.

Some of the problems solved with CBT are the following:

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