Executive Coaching

For over thirty years I have seen many executives ranging from managers to board members of international companies.  As psychologist I bring to these sessions a unique background that differentiates me from the traditional coach.  I am able to understand and pinpoint those business issues that are preventing forward movement, especially since most of these problems hold a psychological component that inhibits an otherwise successful outcome.

In addition, there are times when you as an executive may believe that only you can manage your problems and that delegation of issues or problems will dilute the solution.  Unfortunately, this thinking only serves to dilute your energy and prevent other ideas and possibly more significant solutions from being heard.  My work with executives has been focused on the most efficient use of energy so that productivity goes up.  Studies have shown that when people focus on a problem for more than 90 minutes, their brains go into sleep mode, thus preventing efficient and productive behavior.  Learning techniques that help you manage your energy more efficiently will help you overcome these physiological blocks and contribute to a more efficient and successful career.

By taking the above approaches to executive coaching, we have found and our clients would agree that both their efficiency and view of their workload has been changed in ways that have promoted a greater balance and symmetry in their business and personal lives.  Please take our quiz and then give us a call so that we may help you succeed.

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