About Us

Westchester Center for Behavior Therapy was founded more than three decades ago for the purpose of bringing quality cognitive behavior therapy to Westchester County and the surrounding metropolitan region. All of our staff are licensed professionals and include child, adolescent and adult psychologists and consulting psychiatrists.

We are available to evaluate and treat a wide range of psychological problems including depression, stress management, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, counseling for cancer patients and their families, child & adolescent problems, marital problems and much more. Go to the "Do You Need Us" page for more details about our treatment options..

Physical Problems

When physical problems cause psychological distress, WCBT can help create a specific protocol that will enhance your medical treatment. Specific programs include stress management for high blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal problems and lower back pain. Our director, Dr. Wayne Gersh has both written and lectured on helping patients and their families learn how to cope with cancer. He has found that patients who believe that they can be active participants in their treatment are happier and feel more empowered. His latest book, Mind Over Malignancy - Living With Cancer, provides help for cancer patients and their families.

Corporate Counseling

Working with corporate clients, our staff is available for seminars, employee assistance and management conflict resolution. Lost productivity due to employee or management conflicts can be damaging. Using conflict resolution strategies, we have found that company moral and productivity increase. We offer seminars on topics including stress management, effective communication and anger management.

Children and Adolescents

For the families of children, our child and adolescent psychologists can evaluate for specific behavioral problems including ADHD and learning disorders. In addition, our staff has been extremely successful working with oppositional and defiant disorders in children. We will work together with the patient's school system to develop a behavioral program that will effect the desired changes. We will provide on-site and/or consultation with the child's teachers, aides and administration.

Psychiatric Consultation

There are times that medication is a necessary component of treatment. We work closely with our psychiatric consultants who can prescribe the appropriate medications for your specific problem. Research has shown that, when necessary, the combination of psychotherapy and medication can be the most effective method for psychological and behavioral change.

We hope that this overview of our practice will give you a sense of both the competency and compassion of our staff. We feel that one of the most important aspects of therapy is the doctor-patient relationship. Our priority is to focus on that relationship with excellence in knowledge and treatment.

Please feel welcome to e-mail, use the contact form, or give us a call to discuss and assess your problem.

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