What Our Clients Say

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the executive coaching session that you provided to me. These sessions have raised my confidence and energy level. Through my growth and development, I have been able to "think outside the box" and have successfully gone into my own business. This would not have happened if it were not for your ability to show me the path forward. I am very grateful that I was able to work with you. This experience totally changed my life. I look forward to the growth and expansion of my new business and my continued happiness in my new life.

Tony Cinque

Dr. Gersh has been instrumental in helping me get through some very challenging times. He has helped get to the root cause of issues that were troubling me. He has helped me realize how essential it is to manage my energy. I was obsessed with time management, and Dr. Gersh has really helped me break through this misconception, that make my days more productive and satisfiying. Through thought provoking questions, take home exercises, and extensive coaching, he has helped me to look inwardly to what goals and achievements I was looking for and to be a more confident, successful individual. This has been a boon both personally and professionally.

David Wasserman
Vice President Marketing
Vollrath Company

I have known Dr. Gersh for four years. He is truly a gifted professional who possesses a unique skill set. Dr. Gersh diagnosed problems that had been missed by other practitioners and gave me a new and much needed perspective on my medical and marital challenges. His analytical skills, charisma and dedication as an accomplished author of "Mind over Malignancy" make him stand out among his peers.  He has outstanding diagnostic skills, solid communication skills and exhibits a quiet confidence in his abilities.

He is a person of character and integrity who is poised, focused and intelligent. I can say without hesitation, that Dr. Gersh is one of the brightest and most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.

I believe Dr. Gersh has a true gift. Not only does he have such incredible knowledge but he has the skills to present vast knowledge and most importantly he is a genuinely caring person with the highest possible integrity. His guidance has been invaluable. I can't imagine having made the changes I have made without the insight and guidance of Dr. Gersh. I remain forever grateful to him. It has been a true pleasure to work with Dr. Gersh and I look forward to many more opportunities.


When I first met Dr. Gersh I was skeptical at first about his methodology. but through his perseverance and care, I am now a believer. We have worked through important milestones in my life, career and self development. He has shown me how to think independently and defend what I value the most. He established action-driven changes in my daily dealings, and I see results immediately.

It has been a gratifying experience working with Dr. Gersh. I highly recommend his life-coaching skills!


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