Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Behavior Therapy?

  2. Does insurance cover my treatment?
    Since January of 2011 all companies that employ more than 50 people and choose to have mental health treatment must provide care on a par with other medical treatments.  This means that your insurance will provide benefits that have the same deductibles, co-payments and length of treatment as other medical conditions.  In addition to out of network benefits, WCBT does have psychologists on staff that do belong to insurance panels and those fees are commensurate with other in-network benefits you may have with medical treatment.

  3. What are the fees?
    Our fees range from $80 - $360 based on type of session, insurance coverage, your financial situation and the practitioner you see for treatment.

  4. How long does treatment last?
    The length of treatment varies depending upon each individual and their problem. However, cognitive behavior therapy is a shorter-term therapy because it deals with the present and works aggressively to treat unwanted behaviors.

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